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Respiratory Show 2019 Programme

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Respiratory Show 2019 Programme

The Respiratory Show 2019 Conference Programme

The CPD educational programme at the Respiratory Show is hosted by influential primary and secondary care health leaders. Each seminar will concentrate on a different topic which will shape the direction of the respiratory sector as a clinical priority area.

Whether you’re a healthcare professional working in the community, primary or secondary care with an interest in respiratory diseases, our speakers will provide you with unparalleled applicable education preparing you for the future of the respiratory area in primary care.

Full Conference Programme

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Respiratory Clinical Theatre 1
  1. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 1
  2. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 1
    There are now multiple guidelines for COPD with many similarities and some key differences. Many new ...
  3. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 1
  4. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 1
    There has been much debate about the diagnosis and treatment of asthma in recent years. The presence ...
  5. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 1
    • Bronchiectasis Guidelines Update • Interstitial Lung Disease and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis • C ...
  6. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 1
  7. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 1
  8. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 1
  9. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 1
  10. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 1
Respiratory Clinical Theatre 2
  1. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 2
  2. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 2
    Creating more noise around asthma right care (ARC), doesn't get the attention Diabetes, cancer, CVD ...
  3. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 2
  4. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 2
  5. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 2
  6. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 2
  7. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 2
    We all want to provide the best care for our patients in the face of continuing system pressures. An ...
  8. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 2
  9. Respiratory Clinical Theatre 2
    Ever been frustrated when children don't come for their asthma reviews and then present with an exac ...

With thanks to our dedicated steering committee for helping us pull together a fantastic conference programme!

Andrew Whittamore


Dr Andy Whittamore is a practising GP in Portsmouth and Asthma UK's Clinical Lead. He has worked as a GP for over 15 years, and has a wealth of knowledge about asthma and respiratory care. He has held a range of roles driving innovation and quality improvement around asthma including working for the Primary Care respiratory Society UK, on the Department of Health's Respiratory Programme and on developing national guidelines on asthma. 

Darush Attar-Zadeh


Mr Darush Attar-Zadeh is a Pharmacist, Behaviour Change Specialist and National Public Health Trainer. Darush has specialised in the field of smoking cessation for over twenty years. Darush has presented at various national & international conferences (including the PCRS, IPCRG, Clinical Pharmacy Congress, HPE Live, UKNSCC) and was asked to help review the National Training Standards for Smoking Cessation. 

Nipa Patel

Nina Patel

Ms Nipa Patel is a pharmacist with over 25 years experience across community pharmacy, medicines management and general practice. During the last 8 years in General Practice, Nipa Patel has developed her clinical skills and have become lead in respiratory for the practice. In these respiratory clinics Nipa Patel has used her IP skills to diagnose, treat and prescribe as per local guidelines. Nipa Patel supports the respiratory education programmes for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians 

Finlay Royle

Finlay Royle

Mr Finlay Royle is an NHS pharmacist. He works as a Senior Clinical Commissioning Pharmacist for Lambeth CCG, and is also a NICE Medicines and Prescribing Associate. His main interest is in Long Term Conditions and Medicines Optimisation.

In his main role, Finlay leads on the respiratory medicines optimisation strategy and additionally is the commissioning lead for respiratory pathway commissioning across Lambeth.

David Farmer

David Farmer

Dr Farmer is currently working as a Freelance GP and Clinical Lead for Medicines Management. He has previously been a dispensing practice GP Partner and CCG Board Member with a wide ranging portfolio of Medicines Management, policy development and innovation contributing to the development of multiple clinical pathways and new models of care. Dr Farmer’s chief clinical interests currently concern the  optimisation medical therapies of Long Term Conditions, especially respiratory conditions and the promotion of innovation in medical care.

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Sarah has worked in the NHS since 2006. Her career began in A&E services at LGI before moving into primary care working for the former Leeds Primary Care Trust’s Practice Nurse Development Team from 2008-2011. She currently is working as a Nurse Practitioer at Lingwell Croft Surgery as the lead on Respiratory. Sarah set up Leeds Respiratory Network in 2014 with a colleague Melissa Canavan, this network provides free educational updates to all healthcare professionals interested in respiratory disease. Following the success of this network Sarah & Melissa set up a social enterprise called Respiratory Care Solutions. This social enterprise has enabled them to set up networks across the country ensuring healthcare professionals have access to free updates on all things respiratory.