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Asthma - making sense of the guidelines

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Asthma - making sense of the guidelines

10 Oct 2019
Respiratory Clinical Theatre 1

There has been much debate about the diagnosis and treatment of asthma in recent years. The presence of multiple guidelines has caused some uncertainty amongst many of us in primary care. UK Asthma statistics show that in UK primary care we certainly have room for improvement. We should aim for accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment, patient education and clinical support. This session will help attendees to draw pragmatic conclusions from the different guidelines in order to provide high-quality care for patients with asthma in primary care.

  • - What is "asthma"?
  • - How to confidently make a diagnosis and exclude differentials
  • - Aims and priorities for chronic asthma management
  • - Avoiding common pitfalls in primary care
  • - What to do if control worsens
Binita Kane, Consultant Respiratory Physician - Manchester University Foundation Trust