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BreathChamps: Child asthma re-imagined

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BreathChamps: Child asthma re-imagined

10 Oct 2019
Respiratory Clinical Theatre 2

Ever been frustrated when children don't come for their asthma reviews and then present with an exacerbation? Ever wondered why concordance with treatment is not as it should be?
Maybe it's time to call in The Big Bad Wolf, who unfortunately has developed asthma and can't blow the piggies' houses down. He needs children's help to use the right inhalers and spacer!
In this session, Heather will explain how BreathChamps can help children with asthma to stay well. Here, children learn through play. Group consultations become 'asthma parties'. Children, families, schools and even whole communities learn about asthma through stories. Asthma education becomes 'people-powered' as stories are shared around the community.

  • Understand how children learn through play in 5 ways
  • Learn the difference between a needs-based and asset-based approach and why you need both
  • Learn how to do a group asthma consultation with 300 children and 10 teachers in 20 minutes in a way they will never forget.
Heather Henry, Nurse Entrepreneur - Brightness Management