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COPD update

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COPD update

10 Oct 2019
Respiratory Clinical Theatre 1

There are now multiple guidelines for COPD with many similarities and some key differences. Many new inhalers are now available but the underlying fundamentals of the disease have not changed. This session will cover the key aspects of pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment that are required to provide high-quality care for our patients with COPD in primary care.

  • - Understand the key physiological problems in COPD
  • - Understand when to consider a diagnosis of COPD, how to confirm the diagnosis and what to do in unclear situations like asthma-COPD-overlap
  • - Learn a pragmatic and evidence-based approach to treatment including the top five inhalers to remember
  • - Understand what to do if control worsens
Kay Roy, Respiratory Consultant - west herts nhs trust