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Buteyko Breathing Technique

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Buteyko Breathing Technique

09 Oct 2019
Respiratory Hands-on Training

During this session I will touch on the scientific basis of Buteyko Breathing principles. I will bust a few myths about Buteyko techniques which you may have heard in the early 1990’s. I’ll help you understand why Buteyko has been included in the British Thoracic Society guidelines for Asthma management, is described in the NICE guidelines and is becoming more mainstream. Buteyko techniques are not just for Asthma they benefit a wide range of the population, from those suffering from disordered breathing patterns, anxiety management and rhinitis to those with hayfever and hypertension.
I will teach Buteyko Breathing as taught by the Buteyko Breathing Association which includes techniques to clear the nose without equipment, manage symptoms of breathlessness and anxiety and a very useful technique to stop irritating, unproductive coughing.
I guarantee this session will open your eyes and give you something to talk about for weeks afterwards!

  • - How to decongest the nostrils with no equipment
  • - How to stop an irritating unproductive cough
  • - How to eliminate panic attacks
Claire Mott MCSP ACPRC MBBA, Senior Respiratory Physiotherapist - Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford