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Chest clearance and cough management: a physio approach

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Chest clearance and cough management: a physio approach

10 Oct 2019
Respiratory Hands-on Training

Sian will discuss the diverse role that a specialist respiratory physiotherapist has when treating patients with chronic lung disease in primary and secondary care, particularly COPD. She will discuss traditional physiotherapy techniques such as airway clearance techniques, cough suppression, pulmonary rehabilitation and breathlessness management alongside some more novel ideas such as independent prescribing and managing the acutely unwell patient in the community.

  • - To understand what the role of the respiratory physiotherapist is in chronic respiratory disease management.
  • - To understand the fundamentals of chest clearance and cough and when to consider specialist input.
Sian Midwinter, Respiratory Physiotherapist - Midwinter Physiotherapy