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  • Liz Angier

    Liz Angier

    GP, Wessex
  • Darush Attar-Zadeh

    Darush Attar-Zadeh

    Respiratory Lead Pharmacist, Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Haval Balata

    Haval Balata

    Consultant Respiratory Physician, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
  • Katy Beckford

    Katy Beckford

    Lead for Community Inpatient Services, Berkshire Healthcare NHS foundation Trust
  • James Calvert

    James Calvert

    Lead, National Asthma Audit, Royal College of Physicians
  • Melissa Canavan

    Melissa Canavan

    Respiratory Nurse Specialist, Respiratory Care Solutions
  • James Chalmers

    James Chalmers

    Professor and Consultant Respiratory Physician, School of Medicine, University of Dundee
  • Qasim Chowdary

    Qasim Chowdary

    Tobacco Control Manager – Health Improvement: Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco & Justice Division, Public Health England Dental X-ray Protection Services
  • Lyndsey Clayton

    Lyndsey Clayton

    Medicines Safety Officer, NHS Wakefield CCG
  • Paul Cosford

    Paul Cosford

    Director of Health Protection and Medical Director, Public Health England Dental X-ray Protection Services
  • Martin Dockrell
  • David Farmer

    David Farmer

    Clinical Lead for Medicines Management, NHS South Worcestershire CCG
  • Salman Ghani

    Salman Ghani

    Consultant General and Respiratory Physician, Heart of Englands NHS Foundation Trust
  • Sudip Ghosh

    Sudip Ghosh

    Medical Director Masters Physician Associate Programme, De-Montfort University
  • Sean Headon

    Sean Headon

    Physiotherapist, Aintree University Hospital
  • Heather Henry

    Heather Henry

    Nurse Entrepreneur, Brightness Management
  • Nikhil Hirani

    Nikhil Hirani

    Reader/ Associate Medical Director of Outpatient Services, Centre for Inflammation Research, University of Edinburgh
  • Ricardo Jose

    Ricardo Jose

    Senior Clinical Research Fellow, Internal Medicine, UCL
  • Binita Kane

    Binita Kane

    Consultant Respiratory Physician, Manchester University Foundation Trust
  • Mark Levy

    Mark Levy

    GP & GP Appraiser, NHS
  • Chris Loveridge

    Chris Loveridge

    Clinical and Academic Lead for Spirometry, Education for Health
  • Stephanie Mansell

    Stephanie Mansell

    Consultant Respiratory Physiotherapist, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Viv Marsh

    Viv Marsh

    Clinical Lead for Asthma and Allergy, Education for Health
  • Heather Matthews

    Heather Matthews

    Independent nurse specialising in respiratory care and communication skills, independent
  • Sian Midwinter

    Sian Midwinter

    Respiratory Physiotherapist, Midwinter Physiotherapy